Scottish Designer Bookbinders

Scottish Designer Bookbinders

Welcome to the creative world of Scottish designer bookbinders, a realm where tradition and innovation intertwine. Designer bookbinding is an exquisite form of art that transcends traditional bookbinding techniques, blending creativity with craftsmanship. It involves the creation of unique, often bespoke, book covers that are as much a piece of art as they are functional. Designer bookbinders use a variety of materials, including fine leathers, fabrics, and decorative papers, often incorporating techniques like gold tooling, embossing, and inlay work. This form of bookbinding is not just about protecting the pages within; it’s about creating a visually stunning piece that reflects the personality of the book and its owner. Each designer bookbind is a unique masterpiece, showcasing the binder’s artistic vision and skill. It elevates books from mere reading materials to treasured keepsakes and works of art, often highly sought after by collectors and bibliophiles.


Here are five notable Scottish designer bookbinders, each bringing their unique style and expertise to the craft.


Scottish Designer Bookbinders – Juju Books

Based in Glasgow, this bookbinding studio is run by prize-winning bookbinder Gillian Stewart. Juju Books specializes in bespoke bookbinding for artists, designers, and book lovers, creating unique books, boxes, menus, slipcases, and portfolios. More about their work can be found at Juju Books.


Scottish Designer Bookbinders – Tom McEwan

Tom is an award-winning bookbinder located in craft town of West Kilbride, Tom McEwan is Scottish designer bookbinder known for his beautifully bold designs and high level of technical expertise. He is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and creates fine bindings, bookbinding finishing tools, and also holds workshops. Discover more about his work here.


Scottish Designer Bookbinders – Baile Mòr Books

Operating from the historic, monastic Isle of Iona, Baile Mòr Books is a design studio and bindery run by Toben Lewis. They offer fine and design bookbinding, book repair, conservation, and restoration, as well as bookbinding workshops. Their work can be explored at Baile Mòr Books.


Scottish Designer Bookbinders – Downie Allison Downie Bookbinders

This Glasgow-based family-run bookbinding company offers a full range of services, including journal binding, thesis binding, and bespoke projects. They pride themselves on the quality and craftsmanship of their artisan products. Learn more about their work at Downie Allison Downie Bookbinders.


Scottish Designer Bookbinders – Benson’s Bookbinding

Founded by Chris Narayan, Benson’s Bookbinding specializes in both traditional and contemporary bookbinding and box making. Chris Narayan’s extensive experience includes working in the UK and Canada, and the company caters to private collectors, libraries, and businesses. More information can be found at Benson’s Bookbinding.


Each of these Scottish designer bookbinders contributes significantly to the Scottish bookbinding scene with their unique skills and innovative approaches to the craft. Which is more than can be said for the image on this page, which has been designed by AI deliberatly not to infringe anyone’s copywrite!