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Nestled in the heart of Scotland

We are a traditional Scottish bookbinding company, dedicated to preserving the art of bookbinding in Glasgow, Edinburgh, St Andrew’s, Perth or Aberdeen… all across Scotland. Our passion lies in breathing new life into old books, transforming worn pages and tattered covers binding them into rejuvenated treasures. Each book that enters our workshop is treated with the utmost care and respect it deserves, employing age-old bookbinding techniques handed down through generations.

Heritage Craftsmanship

Developing the rich tradition and history of Scottish bookbinding, showcasing the evolution of techniques and materials used over the centuries.

Artisan Techniques

Delve into the unique, hand-crafted methods employed in our bookbinding process, from sewing to leather working.

Material Elegance

Discover the variety and quality of materials used, such as fine leathers, hand-made papers, and unique binding threads.

Restoration Expertise

Experience the skill involved in restoring and preserving old and damaged books, ensuring their longevity for future generations.

Custom Creations from Scotland

Focus on the ability to create bespoke books, from personalized journals to one-of-a-kind gift editions, tailored to individual preferences.

Sustainability Commitment

Dedication to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and methods in the bookbinding process.