Bookbinding Journal

Bookbinding Journal
  • Glasgow Bookbinding Heritage
    Glasgow bookbinding rich history in, a nuanced art form combining craftsmanship and creativity, has been significantly influenced by the Glasgow School of Art and figures like Tom McEwan. This brief review explores this legacy, paying particular attention to contemporary contributions that continue to shape Glasgow’s bookbinding scene. The Glasgow School of Art has been a… Read more: Glasgow Bookbinding Heritage
  • AI Designer Bookbinding
    AI Designer Bookbinding, seems like a very strange topic… however, we were talking around the proverbial water cooler, well, more accurately a pot of paste and a Scharf-Fix Paring Machine wondered ‘What could AI ever do for us?’ Not really having a clue, we asked Chatgpt4 what AI could do for designer bookbinding! If that… Read more: AI Designer Bookbinding
  • Scotland’s Bookbinding Heritage
    Scotland’s Bookbinding Heritage is both a storied past and vibrant present of Scottish bookbinding, a craft that interweaves tradition with modernity. The journey into Scotland’s bookbinding heritage begins in the 17th and 18th centuries, where Scottish binders developed distinctive styles, profoundly reflecting their cultural identity and craftsmanship.   The National Library of Scotland houses an… Read more: Scotland’s Bookbinding Heritage
  • Scottish Designer Bookbinders
    Welcome to the creative world of Scottish designer bookbinders, a realm where tradition and innovation intertwine. Designer bookbinding is an exquisite form of art that transcends traditional bookbinding techniques, blending creativity with craftsmanship. It involves the creation of unique, often bespoke, book covers that are as much a piece of art as they are functional.… Read more: Scottish Designer Bookbinders
  • Sustainable Bookbinding
    Sustainable bookbinding is an increasingly important aspect of the industry, aiming to minimize environmental impact while preserving the artistry and functionality of the craft. Here are five innovative ideas to make bookbinding more sustainable: Eco-Friendly Materials: The most direct approach to sustainable bookbinding is the use of eco-friendly materials. This includes sourcing paper from responsibly… Read more: Sustainable Bookbinding
  • Traditional Bookbinding Techniques
    Traditional bookbinding techniques are not only a testament to the craftsmanship of the past but also continue to inspire and influence modern book design. Here, we briefly explore the five most popular traditional bookbinding techniques, offering insights into their unique characteristics and applications. Coptic Binding: Originating in Egypt around the 2nd century AD, Coptic binding… Read more: Traditional Bookbinding Techniques
  • Monastic Bookbinding
    The origins of monastic bookbinding trace back to the early Middle Ages, marking a pivotal era in the history of book creation and preservation. This blog post delves into the humble beginnings and evolution of this venerable craft within the walls of monasteries. In the early centuries of Christianity, the responsibility of producing and preserving… Read more: Monastic Bookbinding
  • Scottish Bookbinding
    Scottish bookbinding, a craft rich in history and steeped in tradition, embodies the essence of Scotland’s cultural and literary heritage. This artisanal practice, which has evolved over centuries, showcases a remarkable blend of craftsmanship, design, and dedication to preserving the written word. In the monastic era, Scottish bookbinding began its journey. Monks, in their scriptoriums,… Read more: Scottish Bookbinding
  • Traditional Bookbinding
    Traditional bookbinding is an art form steeped in history, combining meticulous craftsmanship with a deep understanding of materials and techniques. This post delves into ten essential elements that define traditional bookbinding, highlighting the skill and heritage behind each beautifully bound book.   Craftsmanship and Precision: At the heart of traditional bookbinding is the expert bookbinder.… Read more: Traditional Bookbinding
  • Tom McEwan and Prophet Song
    In 2023 Paul Lynch’s book “Prophet Song” won the Booker Prize, the unique, hand-bound edition was designed by Tom McEwan. Every year each of the shortlisted Booker Prize authors is presented with a unique, hand-bound edition of their nominated works, created by Fellows from the Designer Bookbinders society. These extraordinary, one-of-a-kind books are designed and… Read more: Tom McEwan and Prophet Song

Welcome to Highland Binding’s Bookbinding Journal, where Scottish bookbinding meets the world. Our source for exploring the rich tapestry of Scottish bookbinding. Nestled in the heart of Scotland’s vibrant cultural landscape, our journal is a celebration of the artisan craft and heritage that make Scottish bookbinding a fascinating and enduring art form.

The Bookbinding Journal will, occsionaly, explore the hidden world of Scottish bookbinding, bringing you a blend of news, articles,  musings, and engaging discussions. Whether you’re a seasoned bookbinder, an enthusiastic hobbyist, or simply a lover of beautifully crafted books, this blog is your gateway to the heart and soul of Scottish bookbinding.

Yes, this is a tad hypocrital, we have already advocated the written word in a journal, but passing a written journal around is a tad impractical!

Scotland’s bookbinding heritage is a story woven through centuries, a narrative rich in tradition, innovation, and artistic expression. From the age-old techniques passed down through generations to the modern interpretations that continue to evolve, Scottish bookbinding is a testament to the skill, dedication, and creativity of its artisans. Here at this Scottish Bookbinding Journal, we celebrate this legacy, bringing to light the stories, people, and practices that define Scotland’s remarkable craft.

Highland Binding’s Bookbinding Journal, is more than just a blog – we’re a celebration of Scotland’s bookbinding heritage, a tribute to those who bind, and a testament to the enduring beauty of the written word, bound and preserved for generations to come.